Kisfaludy Gallery – Kisfaludy Stage

The Kisfaludy Gallery in Balatonfüred is the city’s Cultural Center, which hosts high-quality exhibitions and concerts. Room with 150 seats, good acoustics, excellent concert venue for classical guitarists. The Kisfaludy Stage hosts free concerts every summer on the Tagore Promenade, which starts from the pier. The Balatonfüred Guitar Festival respects this tradition, so during the event, those interested can watch our concerts here without a ticket. The Outdoor Stage has 200 seats and an additional 150 seats.

Balatonfüred, Kisfaludy u. 1.

Janos Ferencsik School of Music Balatonfüred

The former Pálóczi castle is a characteristic building of the Old Town with a special fate. Its construction was started in 1785 by the poet Ádám Horváth Pálóczi. In 2012 the three-storey building underwent a complete renovation and modernisation. It currently houses a music school with classrooms and a concert hall for 100 people.

Balatonfüred, Ady Endre u. 13.