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Application Sheet 2019

By applying to the festival and paying the registration fee our participants are entitled to take part in every program of the festival, the concerts,
the master courses, the lectures – without having to purchase separate tickets.

Applications to the Balatonfüred Guitar Festival become valid after having transferred the registration fee.
Application Deadline: 20 June 2019

OTP Bank Rt.
IBAN: HU45 1176-3079-2599-6887

Balatonfüredi Nemzetközi Gitárfesztivál Alapítvány

Comment: Guitar Festival 2019. Registration fee.

IMPORTANT! The name of the applicant shall also be given in the comment field of the transfer, otherwise the applicant cannot be identified.
The remaining part of the fee may be paid either on the spot or transferred to the bank account of the Guitar Festival.




Participants of the festival may take part at any of the programs organized within the frameworks of the event without any further fee (i.e. at master courses, lectures, concerts).

If you do not want to be present at the event as a festival participant, you may purchase tickets for the evening concerts at the concert venues and under the ticket purchase menu item of this website.

Tickets for the master courses are also for sale at the venues for a ticket fee of HUF 1,000. Such ticket entitles the purchaser to enter either the master course or the afternoon lecture of a given day.

We also welcome friends and family members as festival participants.

The active participation at our master courses remained to be FREE OF CHARGE, of course after having paid the registration fee.

Please submit your applications in the order of your interest, i.e. based on whom you would like to study with firstly, secondly, thirdly. The schedule is put together in the order of the applications. If all places are filled with somebody, no further applicants can get to his/her master course, so it is advisable to submit the applications as soon as possible.

First everybody is assigned to at least one teacher, then – still in the order of the applications – the applicants may get to a second or even third teacher based on the number of available places.

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